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My suggestions for Models who want to create compelling scenes for artist drawing sessions.

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Face it, we artists need, love and adore our models (almost always). But we are trapped in our homes distant from each other. The good news, the Model can control his or her own heat. The bad news is models need to help artists seen better.

5 Ways to create better scenes for your adoring artist audience.

  1. Get a powerful light, LEDs are incredibly powerful and relatively cheap these days. If you shop at your chance of getting something with spectrally wonderful color temperature is much higher, this is called CRI and means that the range of wavelengths it emits is closer to our sun's. Our eyes and brains really appreciate this.

  2. Either shot the powerful light through a diffusion material or bounce it off a big white surface, like foamcore or even a white sheet. This creates a big soft light which is appealing. Not too soft because we artists love our shadows, but not so harsh that you look like your caught in some gendarme interrogation. Never a good look.

  3. Think about your environment. It doesn't need to be empty and it doesn't need a professional Set Dresser to make it "pop", just think about it a little. Is there are surface for the shadow to fall onto to give the scene depth?

  4. If you have the funds, a better camera can help a lot. It is about equal in importance to lighting, but can cost much more. But honestly, a cheap Canon Vixia video camera gets the job done. A DSLR is a big step up... but I don't want you going broke, a Sony 6100 or a Canon with a cheap zoom or a 50mm lens is a great tool. But remember, lots of light makes a cheap camera perform like an expensive one.

  5. I can't think of a fifth, so as an artist let me just say Thank You to all the models out there willing to be vulnerable so that we artists have someone to draw, paint and sculpt.

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